Website Build for UK Charity

Race for Change is a 5/10k charity race which raises money for the education of disadvantaged children in Nigeria.

Money raised goes towards the sponsorships, sharing best teaching practice with teachers, and building infrastructure for deprived schools.

The race is organised by Path to Possibilities, a UK-based charity committed to transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people in Nigeria.

The brief was to develop a site which promoted their regular fund-racing races. The site would allow visitors to sign-up for events, pay their subscription fees and also purchase T-shirts.

The purchasing system was built around PayPal with all of the pertinent information passed on automatically to the organisers via email once each transaction had been completed.

This was probably the last time I created a single page site. I was very much in favour of this method of scrolling to information rather than clicking through to it. However, Google's determination to demote such sites led me to return to design multi page sites thereafter.