Corporate Identity

A new corporate Identity for import and supply consultancy.

Brand identity jobs are few and far between for me these days which makes them all the more enjoyable.

I cut my teeth in Brand Identity with Wolff Olins in the early 90s, working on projects for BT, Allied Irish Bank and Vauxhall Motors. But it was at Pentagram that I learned the value of honing a single idea within a logo.

This approach has multiple benefits for both the client and the designer, not least being it focusses the mind on the project at hand.

BD were looking to import white label goods from the Pacific Rim, rebrand them and sell them on to UK retailers. Essentially they would sitting at the centre of both a delivery process and a network of suppliers, designers, transport companies and retail outlets.

This idea of being at the centre of an ever expanding network gave me a place to start visually.